How To Choose Safe And Quality Child Tents

Do you like to do outdoor activities with your child and want to invite him to camp, or play camping? You can buy quality children’s tents, so you can get your child to feel a camping atmosphere (even in the yard or inside the house). Of course, you must have a children’s tent first, before inviting kids camping. Some popular types of tents for children are castle-shaped tents and Indian tents (teepee).

Before buying a tent for your baby. You should know the advantages of a type of tent and its capacity. Why? Because each tent has different capacities and advantages. If you want to use it at home to play with your little one. You can buy a type of children’s tent that is comfortable and easy to set up. In order to camp more comfortably, you should know a few things in order to get a quality tent. Here are some steps to choose a children’s tent that suits your needs:

Size of Children’s Tent
The first thing you should consider when choosing a children’s tent is size. Pay attention to the number and size of the body of the person who will wear it. Do not let your child feel cramped and not restful.

Pay attention to the height of the tent
This is certainly very important because later it will not only function as a bed but also a place to stand when changing clothes. If it’s too low, space will be limited and you don’t feel comfortable.

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Pacific Play Tents 23335 -Green camo set
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-Enough accessories
-Sleeping bag features
-Inspired by the universal blanket draped over a table and chairs that became a fort
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Kids Play Tent -100%polyester
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Kids Fort Pop-Up Play Tent -Lightweight children’s play Tent
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Pros And Cons Ai-Uchoice Kids Tent


  • Good sized for 2-3 kids
  • Mesh panels improve ventilation
  • Keeps out insects and mosquitoes when the door is zipped
  • Resists rips and tears
  • Cute space theme


  • Included play mat is really thin

Choose Waterproof Materials
Camping together small can still be done even though it’s raining outside. Before buying, you need to check the tent’s resistance to water. Although many types are waterproof, such as a standard 1500 mm waterproof coating. You can still choose a tent with a water resistance of more than 1500 mm so that it will provide more protection.

Easily Stored
So that camping with your child can be done many times, you can choose the type that is easily stored. Choose a comfortable to install and has a simple structure.

One of the well-known brands of tent products for children is the Intex brand. The distinctive feature of Intex is that it always makes inflatable products, aka tents that can be inflated/installed using air. The advantage of Intex child tents is that they are easy to install. You pump it with a hand pump or electric pump. The tent also stands tall, and will not fall. The tent measuring 127 cm, width 112 cm, and height 116 cm is able to accommodate children freely. The drawback of the Intex tent is only suitable for indoor use because the material is fairly hot if used outdoors.