Benefits Of Camping For Children

Have you ever tried camping with children? The experience of people who have camped with their children said that the activity was very exciting. Not only exciting, but it also turns out there are several benefits of camping for children. Camping is one of the exciting and beneficial activities that can be done with your small family in an open space. At this time, the discussion will focus on the benefits of camping for children. The benefits of kids camping for children are quite important to be known by parents.

Do camping with your child and get camping benefits that have a positive impact on children. The benefits of camping for children can be useful for him someday. Check out some of the benefits of camping for children below:

Strengthen family ties
Outdoor camping is an effective way to strengthen the bond between family members. Camping becomes a means to do several things with the whole family. Children will work together with their parents. There are many activities that can be done while camping. These activities will strengthen family relationships and become even tighter. Children will be closer to their parents as well as you.

Friendly with nature
The benefit of camping for children is that children become friends with nature. This cannot be denied because camping activities are usually carried out in the wild like in the middle of a forest that has a beautiful natural environment. Today, children have dissolved into a modern atmosphere filled with all kinds of gadgets and digital things. Therefore, children and adults alike need to get back to nature.

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Pros And Cons Kelty Salida Camping


  • Easy pitching due to fewer complications.
  • A simple design that demands less time in installation.
  • Compact and lightweight to carry over long distances.
  • It can withstand harsh weather such as heavy rain and high winds.


  • Less headroom compared to dome tent
  • Less roam for a large group such as family.
  • Not very versatile and specially made for hiking campers only.

Increases independence and confidence
Do you believe that camping activities can increase independence and confidence in children? Some activities that are usually done while camping, such as setting up tents, lighting bonfires, cooking food and others are activities that can increase the independence and confidence of children. Children will be trained to do these things independently. Independence will produce confidence. Activities that are usually present when camping can also be considered as an opportunity for children to learn independently and become confident.

Get to know yourself better
The benefits of camping for children can make children more familiar with themselves. Various camping activities are usually carried out such as setting up tents, making fires, collecting firewood, crossing rivers, climbing hills, and others. These activities will tell children about themselves. If in their daily activities, they never make a bonfire and when they are camping, the child realizes that he can make it.

Equipment that Must be Carried while Camping with Toddlers

Can camping activities with toddlers run smoothly? To introduce the natural environment, you want to invite children to camp for the first time. Given that children may be vulnerable to fuss in a new environment, there are some things that must be carried. To make it easier for you, here are some tools that you must bring while kids camping with your toddler.

Sleeping bag, so that children stay warm during sleep
Considering camping is usually done in mountainous areas, you should bring a sleeping bag. Especially if you run the camp independently, aka not using certain campsites. Moreover, some sleeping bags are now equipped with a toddler’s favorite cartoon motif. Sleeping in a sleeping bag is also necessary even if a toddler sleeps in a tent. A sleeping bag will keep his body warm while preventing his body from aching when lying directly on the ground.

Small blankets and pillows to keep her sleep soundly
Toddlers sometimes have a favorite pillow, pillow, and blanket that they carry anywhere. Although the camp organizers provide beds, the beds are usually not too thick. Toddlers will still need blankets and pillows to sleep like at home. Do not want to, right, in the middle of the night the child woke up and had trouble sleeping again because they feel uncomfortable?

Anti-mosquito lotion or spray to prevent insect bites in toddlers
Toddler’s skin is very sensitive. Mosquito or ant bites will make the skin become red, itchy, and irritated. If the camping location is in an area that still has high humidity, such as pine forest areas, mosquito disturbances persist. Apply this anti-mosquito lotion before night or when your toddler will sleep.

Spare shoes and sandals are used during the child’s activities
If you are going to take him hiking, you should wear shoes for children. When hiking children should also not use rubber sandals to prevent them from slipping. If you do a lot of activities around the tent, you can wear sandals that are easy to clean for toddlers.

Toys and books to read before going to bed
When a toddler starts to get sleepy but doesn’t seem to want to sleep completely, give his favorite toy, or read a story. You can make a story about the environment. Then, tell me what animal sounds he can hear during camping.

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Pros And Cons Inflatable Tent


  • Easy to set-up as you only need an air pump to inflate it.
  • This is a pole-less tent which makes building tent effortless.
  • There is lots of headroom, living space, and storage space available due to the spacious design.


  • They can be heavy as compared to other tents.
  • These tents are costly.

If you do camping independently, wet tissue is very necessary. Apart from being used to wash hands before eating, the tissue will be useful if the location of your tent is not close to the bathing area or water source. If your toddler is not accustomed to cold or cold water and refuses to take a shower, you can wipe the area of his body with a wet tissue. But, you should make it a habit to toddlers like cold water before asking him to camp.

Crucial Camping Equipment

At present camping is an activity that is in demand by many people. Camping provides many benefits that are good for health. Not only that, but children will also get positive benefits if they are often invited to camping. Before inviting friends or family to camp, it is recommended that you prepare the following equipment for the sake of comfort during kids camping:

Tents, frames, and pegs are the main equipment when camping, not to miss
Camping is incomplete if you don’t bring a tent. There are various types of tents, ranging from scout tents, dome tents, to flysheets. At present dome tents are more in demand by many people, besides being easily erected, these tents are easy to carry everywhere. Don’t forget to bring your pegs and dome tent frames when camping because the tent will not be able to stand without pegs and frames.

Cooking equipment is mandatory if you want the camping atmosphere to be warmer
No need to imagine carrying a frying pan when camping because now there are so many outdoor shops that sell special camping cooking equipment. Don’t forget to bring plastic spoons and plates too.

Flashlight, headlamp and spare battery
Camping is identical to staying in the wild. In the dark atmosphere of the night, a flashlight and headlamp are important. Try to bring a flashlight or headlamp according to the number of people who are camping so as not to trouble at night.

Jackets, raincoats and changing clothes are also mandatory
Jackets, raincoats, and changing clothes are equipment that must also be taken while camping. The jacket serves to ward off the cold, raincoat works if it suddenly rains. This equipment is as important as other equipment.

We recommend using a carrier bag to carry equipment
Try to put camping equipment in a bag or container because usually a few small items will be lost and left behind if not packaged in one bag or container. The shape is simple but has a lot of capacity.

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  • Easy to clean


  • We couldn’t find any!

Camping is incomplete if you haven’t captured it in the form of a photo and uploaded it on Instagram. Therefore do not forget to bring a camera while camping because this moment might be a moment that will not be forgotten. In addition to the camping equipment above, you also have to pay attention to who you will be camping, if you invite a small child you also have to bring more equipment such as diapers and more drinking bottles. Do not forget to also bring a lot of water supply because in camping places there are rarely sellers of drinks.

How To Choose Safe And Quality Child Tents

Do you like to do outdoor activities with your child and want to invite him to camp, or play camping? You can buy quality children’s tents, so you can get your child to feel a camping atmosphere (even in the yard or inside the house). Of course, you must have a children’s tent first, before inviting kids camping. Some popular types of tents for children are castle-shaped tents and Indian tents (teepee).

Before buying a tent for your baby. You should know the advantages of a type of tent and its capacity. Why? Because each tent has different capacities and advantages. If you want to use it at home to play with your little one. You can buy a type of children’s tent that is comfortable and easy to set up. In order to camp more comfortably, you should know a few things in order to get a quality tent. Here are some steps to choose a children’s tent that suits your needs:

Size of Children’s Tent
The first thing you should consider when choosing a children’s tent is size. Pay attention to the number and size of the body of the person who will wear it. Do not let your child feel cramped and not restful.

Pay attention to the height of the tent
This is certainly very important because later it will not only function as a bed but also a place to stand when changing clothes. If it’s too low, space will be limited and you don’t feel comfortable.

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Pros And Cons Ai-Uchoice Kids Tent


  • Good sized for 2-3 kids
  • Mesh panels improve ventilation
  • Keeps out insects and mosquitoes when the door is zipped
  • Resists rips and tears
  • Cute space theme


  • Included play mat is really thin

Choose Waterproof Materials
Camping together small can still be done even though it’s raining outside. Before buying, you need to check the tent’s resistance to water. Although many types are waterproof, such as a standard 1500 mm waterproof coating. You can still choose a tent with a water resistance of more than 1500 mm so that it will provide more protection.

Easily Stored
So that camping with your child can be done many times, you can choose the type that is easily stored. Choose a comfortable to install and has a simple structure.

One of the well-known brands of tent products for children is the Intex brand. The distinctive feature of Intex is that it always makes inflatable products, aka tents that can be inflated/installed using air. The advantage of Intex child tents is that they are easy to install. You pump it with a hand pump or electric pump. The tent also stands tall, and will not fall. The tent measuring 127 cm, width 112 cm, and height 116 cm is able to accommodate children freely. The drawback of the Intex tent is only suitable for indoor use because the material is fairly hot if used outdoors.

Choose Children’s Tents According To The Type

There are four types of children’s tents that are easily found on the market. There are kids camping that are similar to adult tents, aka tee-pee tents Indian tents, castle tents, and tents with various shapes known as playhouses.

Dome tents, more sturdy and can be used for real camping
Dome tents are the most popular type of tent among outdoor activity enthusiasts. It’s called a dome because it looks like a dome. Dome tents consist of two parts, namely two skeletal poles that are easily assembled, as well as tent cover fabrics. Some dome tents are equipped with an additional layer called a flysheet. Its function is to protect the tent when it rains. Today, there are many dome tents that are designed for children with bright colors and funny animated images. This type of tent is sturdy and strong enough to be used outdoor camping.

Teepee tent can be used to decorate a child’s room
Initially, the teepee tent is a type of tent that is often used by Native Americans for camping. No wonder this tent is also known by the name of Indian tents. A characteristic feature of the teepee tent is that it has a cone shape with three closed sides and one open front side. Over time, the teepee tent is not only used for camping but also used as decoration in the corner of the house or corner of the child’s room. The disadvantage of this tent is that a long wooden pole is needed and cannot be folded like a tent pole. In other words, the teepee tent is not compact enough when stored.

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Pros And Cons Pop Up Tent


  • Very compact and lightweight design, perfect and easy to transport.
  • Due to a compact design, it does not take the internal room of the tent.
  • A footprint of the tent is smaller than the other types of a tent that’s why it is very easy to set up in closed places.
  • Easy to pitch.


  • A little expensive than the other tents.
  • Have less headroom than the dome tents.
  • Not so strong against the harsh weather and high winds.
  • Unsuitable for backcountry camping.

Castle tent, easily dismantled and compact
Ever seen a tent that is used for circus performances? Well, a castle tent resembles a tent. The name of the castle is derived from its shape which resembles a castle. Similar to dome tents, castle tents also consists of a foldable frame and tent fabrics. When not in use, this tent is easy to fold, store, and carry around because of its compact size.

Playhouse tent can be used as a storage area for various children’s toys
As the name implies, playhouse, this one tent is indeed designed as a children’s playroom. The shape of the playhouse is very varied, some are in the form of houses complete with courtyards, building cubes connected by aisles, and many more. The size of the playhouse is very diverse, some are small and do not take up much space, some are large and require large space. This playhouse can be installed in indoor and outdoor areas. Usually, the playhouse is also used as a storage area for colorful little balls and other children’s toys.

Children are curious and always curious. When they see their parents putting up a tent, they will surely be moved to help. Choosing a tent that is easy to install and dismantle is a wise choice. Besides being more practical, you can also invite children to set up tents together. In fact, if the children get older, later they will be able to put up a tent and take care of themselves.